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Finals Freakout

It’s December so that means college finals are approaching. That means that college students are ready to freak out. Stress levels are at an all-time high during finals season because they are so important. College finals make up a majority of a final grade and that is enough to lose sleep over. There are ways for college students to relax and Universities around the country, including Hofstra, are doing what they can to make sure that college students are ready for their finals stress free.

Below is an info-graphic showing the effects of stress and how to deal with the stress of final exams.how-students-deal-with-college-stress_523c3d5b1b95c_w450_h300

The Hofstra University library is open 24 hours a day during finals week. This gives students plenty of time to prepare and if they need to study in a quiet area they get that opportunity. “Having the library open is huge, it is a great place to study,” says Hofstra Junior, Dylan Bower. The library is usually a busy place but during finals week it is a mad house. At night it settles down and a lot of students take advantage of that. Hofstra also gives students “snow days” where there is no class and students can study, or not study, during those days.

Other options for students are the idea that there are no finals. “I only have two finals, but I also have three final projects,” said Hofstra sophomore Connor Giblin. Giblin likes how he has time to finish final projects before finals week so he has plenty of time to study. Some professors understand how stressful a final exam can be so instead they assign a final paper or project for students to do in place of an exam. Final projects are something many students prefer as to a written exam.

Nationally, 17.3 percent of undergraduate and graduate students reported having depression, 7 percent reported anxiety and 6.3 percent reported serious thoughts about attempting suicide in a 2013 study by Daniel Eisenberg, an associate professor of health management. The University of Cincinnati found ways to deal with the stress. They set up tables with paint brushes and yarn where students could go and create art. It was a distraction students could do in-between studying. Sometimes it is good to have a break and something as simple as painting could be a release for students and help them out in the long run.

Final exams are hard for all students and they all have their ways to cope. Universities and college professors do their best to accommodate with finals week but stress in inevitable. It is up to the student to deal with it.


My five tweets.

Leah Bush

Leah Bush visited a Journalism class at Hofstra University, giving them great advice. Bush was originally a Philosophy major in college but she later switched to journalism. The reason was that she loved journalism was that she liked the idea creative freedom and independence. She also has a dream to travel the world so journalism is perfect for her!

Leah Bush started out her career the same way most journalists do, at a newspaper. She wrote whatever she could and she also wrote for free for a blog on the side. She learned the basics of audio and film at patch and those skills she learned were key for the job she has today. The most important part of any story, she says, is to give the essentials in the first paragraph and visuals. Visuals are probably the most important because people have a short attention span so they need to be drawn in early.

Another must is social media. A journalist cannot be successful without social media. With social media news is 24/7. And it is always changing. News is also a business so it is important for businesses to be on social media to expand. In order for any news organization to make money they need to take advantage of all types of social media.

The best advice she would give t students is to never stop learning. Never think you have reached your peak. The world is constantly changing and blogs and podcasts are big today but tomorrow it could be eBooks or something that does not exist yet. Journalists need to think outside the box and learn how to be a good storyteller. Technology and learning how the business works is important but it means nothing if you cannot tell a good story.

18 Year Old Freshman Now a Government Elect

18 year old Saira Blair became the youngest elect in the state of West Virginia. She is an 18 year old college freshman at West Virginia University and is now a law maker in that state. A lot of people are praising the young lady as some liberals are trashing her for her inexperience and youth. Others think this is a great step for our country and young women.

Republicans were celebrating their victory in the 2014 midterm elections and Blair was one of them. She has since been on Fox News and has shown that she will take the job very seriously. “History has been  made tonight in West Virginia, and while I am proud of all that we have accomplished together, it is the future of this state that is now my singular focus,” Her political views include reducing taxes on businesses, antiabortion, and pro-gun positions.

Blairdefeated Democrat Layne Diehl, a 44-year-old Martinsburg attorney, whose top priorities included improving secondary education and solving the state’s drug epidemic.  Layne commented on her defeat, “I’m very proud of the race that was run on both sides,” Ms. Diehl said. “Quite frankly a 17- or 18-year-old young woman that has put herself out there and won a political campaign has certainly brought some positive press to the state. I look forward to seeing what her leadership brings to the state of West Virginia.” She steps into office with a different view on the world and will hopefully bring the change she wants to the state of West Virginia.

Blair has been all over social media with many people showing their support and praise at her accomplishment. Twitter has been buzzing about her for the past few days and her Facebook page continues to pick up support. Winning the race was a big accomplishment for this young lady, now the real work begins as she will face the tough world of politics.

Adina Genn

Adina Genn currently works for Patch but has years of experience in journalism. She was a freelancer right out of college. It is ironic because she is not a huge fan of editing. She also wrote for the Anton weekly paper. She had to break into the business somehow so she took any job she could, she even sometimes wrote for free! Her official title was a “stringer” where she did jobs when she was called. She did not make much money but she did meet a lot of contacts which would help her in the future.

Eventually, Genn would land a job with Long Island Business News. She covered small business stories and gained more experience in the field. She has since been doing whatever she can. She is a part of Facebook groups while working at Patch. When she was first hired she was a part of a 50 person staff. Today that is down to 4 and they all have to cover multiple stories for multiple websites. She has many deadlines and some days she needs to have three different stories in before 10am.

A big part of today’s journalism is technology. One day Genn was given a new cellphone, mac laptop, and a police scanner to help her with her stories. She had to adapt to her surroundings once again and lean how to maneuver a mac. She gave up on the police scanner, but who can blame her. She also had an app in which she could wrte and report stories on her phone!

Genn also played a big part in reporting and helping those in need during hurricane Sandy. People locally did not have power but people from the outside who did were reading her stories and contacting news organizations to try and get in touch with loved ones. It is an example of how smaller news organizations can make a big difference. She currently is currently lives in Huntington with her husband and children.


Ebola is the new epidemic that is on the minds of most Americans these days. Much like the swine flu a few years ago people have many opinions. The Government is doing what it can to control the disease but nobody really knows how to cure it yet. Hofstra students feel the government is doing fine, even though they admit the government is making some mistakes, but are overall not worried. Others across the nation are worried that the virus could spread to their hometown, but for now Hofstra feels safe. It is only a matter of time before this blows over and Ebola is a thing of the past.